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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chili Cook-Off: THE RULES!

If you are reading this, then I hope by now you've formed an All-Star Chili Cook-Off team for next weekend's big charity Chili Cook-Off benefitting the Samaritan Inn! Who will win the first ever, "Golden Ladle"??

Here are the main rules of the event. Please take a moment to read 'em and then be prepared to bring your very best CHILI!!

1. Prepare your chili ahead of time and BRING IT IN A CROCKPOT.
2. The type of chili you bring is up to you. Beans, no beans. Meat only. Vegetarian. YOU decide. The guests will vote and decide your fate!
3. Your chili will recieve a number OR letter (depending on category), so as to keep the voting anonymous, and eliminate a "popularity contest". There are 2 categories: Vendors will recieve a letter, Friends & Clients will recieve a number.
4. Guests will get to sample all of the chili - and VOTE - by taking a small sample from the sample cups provided. Those that want to enjoy a bowl of your chili can make a cash donation ($1 or more suggested). We'll even provide some popular chili toppings!
5. There will be two winners identified. The “Best Traditional and Classic Chili” will be the one with the highest combined scores for “traditional and classic” and “tastes great”. The “Best New and Different Chili” will be the one with the highest combined scores for “traditional and classic” and “tastes great”. This result will properly reward entries that are either strong and steady or new and clever, but only if they taste good, too!

To all of our guests, please plan on bringing the following 4 things:
1. Your Appetite!
2. 1 canned good OR item from the Samaritan Inn Need's List gets you into the event.
3. Cash/coin donations for extra bowls of chili or desserts.
4. Lawn chairs.

We're really looking forward to a GREAT event!

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