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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The "Pottery Barn" Test

When working with a new seller, one of the most important things we can educate them about is the importance of preparing their home for showings. Educating them that how we live is not how we live when we are selling. Then telling them what changes need to be made prior to listing the home. What updates need to be made.
What happens if you are a seller, and you just don't know if you need to update your curtains? Your kitchen? Your furniture? Your paint? Maybe it's been a while since you've decorated your home and you are not sure if your style is still relevant.
We came up with a pretty good idea that proves to be an easy and quick test. If Mr or Mrs Seller isn't sure about the state of their home's decor, we kindly refer them to a Pottery Barn Catalog. I would say, if you don't find that style of _________ (window treatments, furniture, etc) or color palette in the catalog, then there's a good chance it would not appeal to today's buyer. If you don't have a Pottery Barn Catalog, then go to your nearest Model Home.
Of course we know that buyer's tastes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But what we are trying to do is have the home appeal to as many buyers as possible. Buyers want what is popular NOW. With the large amount of inventory that is available, if you aren't willing to update the home, then the seller down the street is.
And what house do you think will sell first? The one that the buyers will have to spend a weekend painting or installing new light fixtures? Or the one that is move-in ready that they can impress their friends with?

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